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Our Story

A Timeline

Where it all started (2007-2012)

It all started as a Christian fellowship for Biomedical scientists at the University of Ilorin in 2007. Our divine call is rooted in Ezekiel 36:33. Just like Abraham, the destination was unknown, but the voice was clear. 

From a fellowship to an organization (2013-2018)

This 5-year long period was a moment of self realization, strategic planning and intentional outburst. Several strategic meetings on the future of health and biomedicine were held. From these  meetings, 6 objectives were identified with there implemetation road maps. We became a corporate, organizational and legal entity in Nigeria as CMESBAHF.

Tackling Big Issues (2018-Till date)

It is time to make things happen. To nurture innovations, the Eden Biomedical Park was launched to nurture 2000 biomedical science innovators with scientific, spiritual and leadership tools. See our projects tab to learn more

We are driven by 4 core values

Team Work










Form a critical network for systemic capacity development for the realization of the full potential of Biomedical Scientists.

To equip, by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, Christian Biomedical Scientists for Kingdom Service and humanity.

To promote the awareness of Medical Science importance to Nigerians through active and informed dialogue with the policy makers and the public about the achievements, applications and broader societal implications of Medical research

To promote, through the interaction of various means and atmosphere for cutting edge Biomedical Research

Create awareness and sensitization of career pathways for Biomedical Scientists

To ensure healthy lives for all through health promotion and preventive measures

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National Campus Network

The Biomedical and Life Science undergraduates are our critical mass. We work closely with them, nurture their innovative minds and prepare them for the future of work. See our portfolio of programs to know how we engage them.

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